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    Board 2021

Interested in joining the Board?

We are always looking for new women to serve on our Board of Directors.

Terms are for 3 years.

If you would like to apply to serve as a Board of Director, please send an email to membership@womenoutdoors.org 


Lisa Vaas, Board President, Eastern MA

Lisa, who lives in Boston, went online to find people to kayak with, found and joined Women Outdoors around about 2001, joined the board a few years after, and took on the job of president around about 2018 or so. As President, her duties have fluctuated with the demands of her day job. Currently, she’s running the board’s monthly meetings, is on the committee that organizes the Gathering, and also helps to organize our popular ski weekend in Craftsbury, VT. She also answers, or redirects, email that comes into the organization’s “info” email account. Her favorite outdoor activity is kayaking. She likes x-country skiing and sometimes hikes, only because that’s what the cool kids do. She wants to learn pickleball and to take kayaking training somewhere warm!

Kris Mujica, Board Treasurer, Finger Lakes

Kris currently lives in Addison, NY but lived in Delaware for 30 years after college.  After moving back home to help her elderly mother, Kris found out about Women Outdoors at a Finger Lakes Trails Festival.  She has been a member for three years and joined the Board about two years ago.  Having grown up on a beef cattle farm, she loves the outdoors.  The demands of maintaining her family's 60 acres limits her time for hiking and kayaking.  But, whatever she is doing you can be sure her lab, Ruby, is by her side!

Bonna Wieler, Board Secretary, NH/VT 

Bonna has been part of the board for oodles of years, having found Women Outdoors while searching for women playmates to kayak with.  Finding the group cooperative and inspiring, she joined the board to fill a niche. As Secretary, she takes minutes at meetings and posts them once they have been reviewed by the board members, and sends out a To-Do list to board members via email after each meeting.  

Directors at Large

Mary Charney, Membership Coordinator, Finger Lakes 

Happily retired and interested in all types of outdoor pursuits including nature study, hiking, kayaking, birding, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, nature photography and exploring the country in my RV with my cat Ginger as co-pilot.  

Thanks to a friend and to Meetup, I discovered Women Outdoors in the Fall of 2014, participated in a couple of events and then joined Women Outdoors in Jan 2015 in the Finger Lakes NY Region.

I have planned and lead a few trips and then became a member of the board in 2018 and assigned as Membership Coordinator in 2019 and Gathering Committee Co-Chair for our 40th Gathering in 2019.

I find it both meaningful and rewarding volunteering my time to  work with others on the board to help guide our organization in fulfilling our mission of promoting friendship, adventure, and leadership skills for women in the great outdoors.

Margaret Crowley, Finger Lakes

I learned about Women Outdoors at a local outdoor expo and joined shortly after I joined the BOD in 2021. Over more recent years as family responsibilities have decreased, I have been able to devote more time to: hiking, skiing, snow shoeing, birding, biking and kayaking. I have truly enjoyed meeting new friends and learning about nature & conservation and what we each can do to take better care of mother earth. I enjoy leading hikes and showing participants interesting features. We are fortunate to have such wonderful and diverse parks and great people with whom to explore.

Sandy Green, Western MA

Sandy discovered Women Outdoors in 2008.  Her first trip was a kayaking trip in Essex, MA with Lisa Vaas.  She joined the board in 2021.  Sandy enjoys sea and fresh water kayaking, four season hiking, biking, and swimming.  She has hiked several of the 4000’ers in New England and paddled in several areas off the coast of Maine. She has also backpacked in the Western Brooks Range, AK in the Arctic Circle and has kayaked and camped in Glacier Bay, AK.  Sandy lives in central Massachusetts with her spouse, cat, and three dogs.

Paris Horan, Finger Lakes

I learned about Women Outdoors on Meetup, and joined in 2018 in order to attend The Gathering that year. After meeting so many women with a similar love for the enjoyment and conservation of the natural world, and developing several close friendships, I joined the board in 2019. I’m a semi-retired physician who enjoys hiking, kayaking, biking, and any outdoor activity where wildlife can be frequently seen. (Pickleball would be cool, too…)

Randi Lynn Quackenbush,
Finger Lakes

Randi joined the WO Board in 2021. She loves hiking, backpacking, paddling, skiing, and camping in all seasons, and she travels to the mountains at every opportunity. After attending a few Becoming an Outdoors Woman events in NY and VT, Randi sought out women-specific outdoor opportunities and found Women Outdoors. As a new Board member, Randi has been helping plan events and provide technical support. She lives in Trumansburg, NY with her husband and dog Luna.

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