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Past Events for Finger Lakes Region, NY  

Event Calendar History

Why do I care about past events?

If you're a prospective member, you might like to get a feel for what we do and where we go. 

If you're a member looking for a location to lead your next event, the Past events calendar is a great resource.

Calendar History:

The Finger Lakes region was started in the fall of 2005. We were using paper, Word docs, and PDFs for our calendar up until we moved to our web site's event calendar in July 2014. Soon after that, Oct 2014, we started using Meetup as well. Most of the events up until August 2019 were posted on both sites.

From September, 2019 through March, 2020, we were posting our Finger Lakes Region events exclusively on our Meetup group.

All events were suspended with the outbreak of COVID-19, but as we returned to posting events, we moved back to the calendar on this website so that we could restrict attendance to our paid members under our limited attendee COVID guidelines. 

As of November, 2023, we have moved back to Meetup exclusively, except for national events and those where we charge a fee, or are restricted to our paid members only.

Special Events

Our annual Spring Fling cabin camping event was fun until Covid called a halt. Should we start up again? Let us know of your interest. Could you help organize? FLNY Cabin Camping

Our National Gathering will continue to be posted on our Women Outdoors event calendar. You can view past Gathering events back until 2009. But you can also get a lot of information for recent Gatherings from our Gathering pages.

Check out these Resources for Trip/Event Leaders.

Finding Past Events

You can view our past events on our Calendar Page. Just scroll down past UPCOMING EVENTS to see a list of all past events posted on our website event calendar. 

Search on the Event Calendar

Use the find function (CTRL-F on a PC) to search for an event title from the list of Past Events. This list includes events posted on our web event calendar from 2014 – most in both our web and Meetup. Just click on the event to view all of the details.

Events posted only on Meetup from Sep 2019 to Mar 2020 have been added to a pseudo-event. Note that the page search detailed above will NOT include the events listed here. 


Exclusive Meetup events since Nov. 2023 can be viewed at the pseudo-event  Finger Lakes Upcoming Events and History We will add annual lists in the future.

Searching on Meetup

Meetup doesn't have a search function. But if you've found the date in the Past Events list on this site, you can find it in Meetup.

Select Events, Past, and then Calendar. You can then scroll to the year that you want, and select the month.


You can also just try Googling the event title, which may find the Meetup event that you are searching for.

You must be a member of our Meetup group to view any of our events on Meetup. 

If you're not a Meetup member yet, please join. It's Free!

Joining Finger Lakes Meetup Instructions

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