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Hike Pinnacle State Park - Addison

  • 18 Feb 2018
  • 10:00 AM


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We'll select a route based on interest of those attending. We can hike down the hill and view artifacts from the old ski slope, walk on an old road that has old homestead foundations and a stately family cemetery, or stay up top and hike in adjoining McCarthy State Forest where the elevation changes are milder and the trail follows old logging roads through the woods.

RSVP and Cancellations
Please respect the trip leader and update your RSVP if you sign-up but then are unable to attend. If you attend without RSVP-ing it is possible that the hike may have changed without notification.

Trail Conditions
If it warms up there will be mud. If it stays cold there will be ice patches. If it snows, there will be snow :-) The trails are varied, and include old roads, single track trail, and and old ski hill. Bring micro-spikes if you have them and the weather seems call for it, otherwise careful footing will cary you along. The trails consist of a dirt road and mowed stubbly areas. Elevation gain will depend on the route chosen.

What to Bring
Dress for the weather. Plan on layers and wind breaker, scarf for your face, and something to cover your ears. Boots, change of shoes if it's muddy. Bring water and a snack if desired.

Location and Directions
Please use your favorite mapping program to find the best route from your location. Do not believe the maps that show Ackerson Rd as a through road - you would need an ATV to drive the closed section from Orr Hill Rd! Use South St out of Addison to get to the open section of Ackerson, then left off that onto Pinnacle Rd.

Onsite Facilities
I'm not sure if there are facilities available onsite in the winter. Nearby lean-to may have an outhouse. Probably gas stations in nearby Addison, but I can't tell you where. If you use TP in the outdoor facilities make sure to bring a zip lock baggie so you can carry it out (TP is so gross to find in the woods).

Additional Information
Pinnacle State Park (
CNY Hiker - Pinnacle SP (

Approximate Distances
Rochester - 115 miles
Ithaca - 60 miles
Auburn - 90 miles
Corning - 15 miles

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