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WOOF: Survival Compass and Navigation

  • 24 Feb 2021
  • 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
  • online


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WOOF: Women Outdoors Online Funtimes

Join us for 

Survival Skills with Jessie Krebs,

Navigation and Compasses


Jessie returns for a 4th session, focusing on skills.  This session will focus on basic navigation skills and her six-point checklist. The next session may be about Knots.  

Please try to have a working COMPASS with you during the zoom session.

Jessie Krebs - Biography:

Global survival instructor Jessie Krebs joined the US Air Force at 18 both as a way to pay for college and to escape the small town, midwest blues. What she got in addition was a sense of competence and a deeper connection to the outdoors. She had survived her own childhood trauma through the support of the natural world: the wilderness was a familiar and safe place that held her when the humans around her could not be trusted. She went from a shy girl to one of the few female S.E.R.E. (survival, evasion, resistance, and escape) specialists, teaching military members how to stay alive and return home if they were shot down behind enemy lines. After an honorable discharge she went on to direct team building courses and then found a home for over a decade working in wilderness therapy. In that career she learned to listen to her heart again and opened to the magic working through all things. Her passion is helping women feel empowered by teaching them skills that are traditionally considered male. Women are survivors in ways that go well beyond the physical, yet often, feeling powerful in the physical realm transfers to the emotional and mental. Like assuming the “wonder woman” pose when in need of emotional strength; building a fire from sticks goes a long way toward bolstering our sense of efficacy in life. Learn more at: www.SERETraining.US

    This WOOF event is brought to you courtesy of the hard work and creativity of your board of directors: Lisa Vaas, Bonna Wieler, Anna DeSousa, Mary Charney, Paris Horan, and Kris Mujica. If you'd like to work on fun projects like this, consider joining us! Write to We'd love to hear from you. 

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